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Cost of the dental services

We do not sell dental materials and medical technologies.

We restore teeth and care about the health of our patients. Our professional experience, equipment of the clinic with modern devices and technologies allow us to offer patients high quality dental services.

During the consultation we discuss in detail the treatment plan, cost and warranty with the patient.

The cost of medical services may change (increase or decrease) depending on the complexity of the disease (disease process). Prior to treatment, the dentist stipulates the specific treatment plan and its specific value.

Learn more about the price list for dental services in the clinic.

The cost of some dental services is provided below.

Consultation of the dentist 550 p 
Consillium (patient’s examination by several experts) 900 p 

Preventive hygienic services

Professional supragingival dental cleaning (one jaw) 1 675 p 
Follow-up preventive dental cleaning (one jaw) 1 675 p 

Preventive dental services

Follow-up preventive dental cleaning + fluorination (by preventive program) 2 200 p 
Professional removal of the dental calculus of the oral cavity 3 500 p 
Dental fluorination 1 150 p 

Therapeutic dental services

Treatment of superficial dental decay from 3 000 p  to 3 300 p 
Treatment of moderate dental decay from 3 300 p  to 5 000 p 
Treatment of the deep dental decay from 4 600 p  to 6 200 p 
Direct resin veneers (esthetic restoration) 6 900 p 
Veneer (porcelain laminate veneer) from 20 000 p  to 34 000 p 

Teeth whitening

Clinical (operatory) dental whitening ZOOM 35 000 p 
Clinical (operatory) dental whitening Extra Boost 16 600 p 

Rool canal treatment

Treatment of one canal 5 500 p 
Treatment of two canals in one tooth 10 000 p 
Treatment of three canals in one tooth 14 500 p 

Treatment of the gum diseases

The cost of treatment depends on the severity of the pathological process, the depth of tissue damage, the volume of therapeutic action, and the materials used.

Children's dentistry

Fissure sealing of one tooth from 850 p  to 1 500 p 
Treatment of the milk tooth decay from 900 p  to 3 900 p 
Treatment of the permanent tooth decay from 2 800 p  to 5 700 p 

Surgical dental procedures

Tooth removal 2 000 p 
Removal of the impacted tooth (removal is performed with prior dissection of the tissues over and around the tooth) 3 500 p 
Resection of the dental root apex 8 960 p 

Dental implants

In our clinic, we use five types of dental implants, known and approved by patients and dentists in most of the countries of Europe, Asia and US for the last 25-30 years. Each type of the implant has its own characteristics and indications for use. Technical specification, design and material properties of each type of implant have proved themselves to be the best choice in various clinical situations.

During the consultation doctor will provide patient with the details on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of the implants in a specific clinical situation. The cost of the «dental implant» service includes cost of the implant, materials for procedure and work of the staff.

Dental implants STRAUMANN (Switzerland) 43 000 p 
Dental implants MISS (Israel) 26 000 p 
Dental implants NOBEL Biocare (USA) 48 000 p 

Crowns and bridges. Dentures

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 14 000 p 
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown on the implant (fixation of the crown on the implant requires setting an abatement—head of the implant and additional transfers and analogues) 14 600 p 
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown (metal-gold) 35 000 p 
Porcelain crown (metal-free) 20 000 p 
Porcelain crown (zirconium dioxide ZrO2) 33 000 p 
Partial over-denture from 18 000 p  to 23 000 p 
Over-denture (one jaw) 24 000 p 
Denture prosthesis with clamps 28 500 p 
Denture prosthesis with attachments 71 000 p 

Orthodontic treatment

Setting metal braces on one jaw 39 100 p 
Setting esthetic braces on one jaw 58 600 p 
Setting combined, self-ligating braces system on one jaw 49 850 p