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have entrusted us their health.
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Welcome to the Dental Center «Dental Palace»

Our Dental Center was founded in 1995 and has a longstanding tradition of providing professional State-of-the-Art dental care of all kinds. Over the last period more than 16 thousands of patients have entrusted their health to our dental center.

We closely follow the development and introduction of new medical technologies and techniques in dentistry. Our employees are constantly communicating with colleagues in both Russia and abroad. In our clinic, we introduce only those treatments that were proved to be safe for the health of our patients (including employees of our clinic and their relatives).

We are all committed to high quality care and services.

What differs the «Dental Palace» Clinic from the huge variety of other dental clinics in the city?

  • «Dental Palace» Clinic has been on the dental clinics market for 18 years, and we have long-term results of the work of our specialists.
  • We place high demands on the professionalism of the medical staff. Dentists undergo a rigorous selection and constantly improve their skills by participating in various seminars and writing scientific papers, and pass mandatory certification.
  • Treatment provided by any of our specialists will be of the highest quality. Patients of the clinics can find «their» doctor, with whom they would feel the most comfortable.
  • The «Dental Palace» clinic provides all kinds of dental services, which enables physicians to solve tasks more quickly by interacting with physicians of other areas. Any situation is solved in complex, involving all the necessary expert opinion
  • We have possibility to organize concilia with the involvement of experts in different areas.
  • The «Dental Palace» clinic has its own dental laboratory, which is a huge advantage, thus we can always adjust the deadlines for work as well as we have the ability to adjust the existing works due to the day of admission of the patient.
  • In our dental laboratory works the elite class technician, who produces crowns and veneers by the author’s method.
  • «Dental Palace» Clinic is the first clinic in St. Petersburg, which began to set porcelain veneers. Many movie stars and singers are our patients on a regular basis.
  • We conduct preventive programs, such as preventive oral hygiene, follow-up and free check-ups for our patients.
  • We develop all sorts of promotions and special offers on a regular basis, as well as provide gifts for our young patients and their parents.
  • The clinic provides an accumulative discount system.
  • Doctors of the clinic, if possible, always try to provide our patients with multiple treatment plans and prosthesis, so that the patient is able to make a choice.
  • The «Dental Palace» clinic has a quality control system of treatment.
  • Only in the «Dental Palace» clinic our patients have the opportunity to see how their smile would look after prosthetics, in several different variants even, thanks to computer simulation of a smile.
  • Our clinic provides a very cozy, friendly atmosphere and an individual approach to each patient.
  • The «Dental Palace» clinic utilizes a digital scanning for obtaining digital impressions. This system allows performing all kinds of dental restorations, 100% powderless scanning, usage of disposable tips for maximum patient safety. It is possible to obtain sub-gingival treatment for a perfect result. Obtaining digital impressions has several advantages in comparison with the obtaining impression in the traditional way.

Medical Care

Successful solving of complex situations (pathology of the teeth and oral cavity) often requires the expertise of several medical specialists. Dental Center «Dental Palace» is a creative, experienced alliance of dental professionals. We practice the principle of providing a complete treatment using modern, reliably proven technologies and concepts.

Professionalism and experience of the staff, modern equipment of the clinics allow us to provide all kinds of dental care: treatment, dentures and teeth whitening, correction of teeth occlusion (misplaced teeth), dental implants, outpatient surgery (toothsparing operations), periodontics (treatment of diseases of the tissues surrounding the tooth), pediatric dentistry. Specific guarantees are discussed. We pay particular attention to issues of prevention, functional and aesthetic dental restorations while working with patients.

Preventive care

Offered regular preventive program is aimed on prevention of the most common diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.

We expect and hope that after treatment you will regularly visit our clinic for free preventive examinations during which our experts will carefully inspect the oral cavity (changes in the tissues of the tooth, the existing fillings, dentures, determine the condition of the gums and oral cavity organs) and give specific recommendations for individual prevention or upcoming treatment.

Opening hours

Dental Center «Dental Palace» is open for you from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday is a day-off. In off-hours, you can leave a message on the answering machine on the phone 347-62-32, 325-75-00, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Dental Palace Staff